Heart Apotheca

The Magician's Smudge Stick (18 cm)

1,100 ฿

** The Magician's Choice **
Ideal energy cleansing tool to promote gratitude and joyful energy to prepare the space for manifestation. 

Mix Smudge Stick Herbs:
Phlomis Purpurea, Helichrysum Stoechas, Thymus Camosas Boiss


Metaphysical Properties:

  • JERUSALEM SAGE - A powerfully protective and cleansing herb that can be used to purify a sacred space or ritual tools. It is also used for aura and crystal cleansing and helps to dispel negative energies. It protects the astral body and can be burnt as incense for protection during spirit journeys or for divination practices. It may be helpful as an aide for spiritual studies and may help deepen one's insight and understanding into the mysteries.

  • CHAMOMILE -  A gentle, yet powerful herb of the sun that brings peace, serenity, and light to the soul and calms all sense of fretting or fear. Excellent for chakra balancing and aides one to find one's inner center. Inspires confidence and opens the heart to expressing love and compassion. It can also be used for dream work, as it protects the seeker on his astral journeys and wards off entities and nightmares. It is used to bring clarity of vision for divination and scrying, and may also be used for prophetic dreams. Chamomile has a reputation for attracting good fortune, especially in monetary matters.

  • THYMUS WONDER LIGHT - Used for protection and cleansing and as an incense offering to the Gods. It imparts strength, courage, and bravery and can aid with difficult tasks. Thyme strengthens memory and concentration and may be helpful for those engaged in studies. It can be used as a sign of remembrance and love, especially at funerary rites. Thyme has an affinity with the fairy realm and may attract these elusive beings or help find access to their world.

Why do you need it? 
All crystals need energetic hygiene care. Crystals can absorb negative energy from their surroundings, and it is possible that you can absorb that into your system (Transference) when you use them without clearing them. It is important to cleanse your crystals from negative energic debris before wearing/meditating/programming them. It is the same as how you would want to use clean utensils to eat rather than dirty one for your own health benefit.

+ Clears and cleanses negative energy from people, space, and objects.
+ Purifies, protects and elevates space
+ Promotes relaxation for the body and mind
+ Improves the quality of sleep, especially insomnia


  • Light the smudge stick with a lighter. 
  • Allow the smoke to gently touch you, your crystals, your space, or your objects for a few minutes until you intuitively feel it's cleansed to remove any negative energy. 
  • Remember to open your windows to allow the smoke to leave your space. 
  • Put out the smudge stick with a small amount of water when finished.

It is the responsibility of the user to exercise caution when using this product.

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