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Crystal Medium Healing

Price:                          3,000 THB / Session
Additional Time:        500 THB / 30 Minutes
Session Time:             60 Min.

Come with an intention on what you wish to work on and Sally will channel healing energy via crystals through the portals of ancient wisdom and higher frequencies of Light. This activates deep healing on a cellular level and catalyzes powerful transformation on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Can be applied to ancestral, past lives, and cosmic healing. This service is available in person and online.

How to book a session? 

  1. Click Book Now and fill in the details. 
  2. Your booking will be re-confirmed via phone call. 
  3. A full deposit is required to confirm your booking. Additional time charges will be collected after the session. Cancellations will not be refunded. 
  4. All sessions must be booked in advance.

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Christine L. - Jasco Export Manager, Bangkok

Such a beautiful Saturday morning with Sally and her crystals! Just watching how she lets her intuition flow and their energy interconnected with hers and mine, it is so powerful. Beyond words can describe. I now have a clear path for my intentions that I set for myself this year — to help and to give everyday. And to always give with love, compassion and positive energy. My past trauma that I still need much healing is also now clear, with guidances. Self love will also continue to be a theme. ... If anyone is free on a weekend, definitely recommend everyone try a session (1 hour +)!

Pathoumlat S. - Miraclelao Group Managing Director, Laos

Highly recommend! My overall experience after taking 3 different therapies with Sally have been the most effective and best way to help me find myself, my life balance, and the solutions about my life questions and depression. I started with Crystal Reiki in 2019 and learnt about " living in the moment and work-life balance," which was extremely useful to me and to my company's organization structure. The Tarot Card Reading in 2020 and Intuitive Crystal Reading in 2021 were all about healing myself and learning to love myself from inside out. I'm booking my 4th session with her this April for Past Life Regression. I keep coming back to Heart Apotheca for healing because I feel a deep connection and trust with Therapist Sally, and feel safe enough talk about my burdens and to ask for help. ...

Crystal Healing Journey is a session that can help you to transmute 'dark' codes in one's DNA that are having a negative impact on your reality, and amplify the codes that can help you co-create a better one. It is also suitable for those who wishes to explore or remember about one's soul memory, soul plans (life purposes), ancestral inheritance (including star ancestry), and receive messages your Divine Spirit Guides/Teachers to expand your consciousness. This is done by accessing crystal portals of ancient wisdom and higher frequencies of light to activate deep healing on a cellular level and catalyzes powerful transformation on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This service is available in person and online.

Sally's passion is to EMPOWER clients. The intention of all her readings is to provide loving, positive, helpful and insightful information that her clients NEED MOST in order to move forward in their journey in the best possible way. Come with a specific intention that you wish to explore or work on. 

Sally will energetically connect and guide on you a channelled meditation journey in which may also be required to have an interactive conversation throughout the session. At certain times, the client may feel very relaxed that they fall asleep, which is also very normal as well. At the end of the session, if the client wishes to bring any crystals home to continue their own self-healing work, our crystal shop can help you with that. 

In order to receive full benefits from the session, the client has to give permission with an open-mind and open-heart for the crystals, Divine Beings from the Highest of Good and Sally to connect with you. The Divine Beings from the Highest of Good honors the Law of Free Will and the Law of Receiving. They need the permission of the person before coming in to help them. Also, what you are open to, is also what you will receive. Therefore, give yourself permission to be open to receive!
Yes, please feel free to do so yourself. Some messages may not make sense in the current time but may make sense on a future time. Referring to your recording can be helpful.

Sally offers her healing services online for clients who are not based in Bangkok. Please inform her of your location (city and country) and preferred date so she can check availability.

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