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The Heroine's Journey : Creative Writing Course

Price:                             999 THB / Session
Session Time:             60 Min.

Sometimes we lose sense of our own voices and where we’re headed. This 1-8 session online course uses creative writing techniques to help you uncover and reframe limiting self-beliefs that may be stopping you from completing your quest.

The length of this course depends on your goals and needs. In the end, you’ll produce your own life vision and mission statement, which you can edit and adjust at any time as you grow and discover new paths.

We go at your pace, according to what works for you.

How to book a course? 

  1. Click Book Now and fill in the details. 
  2. Your booking will be re-confirmed via phone call. 
  3. A full deposit is required to confirm your booking. Additional time charges will be collected after the session. Cancellations will not be refunded. 
  4. All sessions must be booked in advance.

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