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Rose Quartz Face Roller Rose Quartz Face Roller
Rose Quartz Face Roller
Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Face Roller

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Psst! Try our secret beauty weapon for healthy glowing skin and relaxation. After facial cleansing routine, simply apply a few drops of facial oil / moisturizer / serum onto your skin and gently massage your face with the roller. This will help your skin absorb the product more effectively.

Rose Quartz Roller Can Help To:
+ Improve elasticity of the skin

+ Reduce appearance of puffiness and fine lines
+ Ease facial muscle tension
+ Help product absorb better 

How To Clean Your Face Roller:
Dip the face roller into a bowl of gentle soapy water and rinse with water. Dry it with a clean cloth or let it air dry. If the face roller is squeaky after a wash, add a few drops of oil to the sides of the roller head.

Metaphysical Properties:

Chakra:       Heart    
Hardness:   7 (Mohs Scale)    

Element:     Water    

Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, uniting with the Divine

Turns the heart towards love and bathes body, mind, and spirit in healing and enlightening frequency. Centers the loving consciousness of the Christ and other heart-centered spiritual masters.

Calming for the mind, assisting one in releasing worry and anxiety, and past emotional trauma. Clears the emotional body of ego-driven patterns and can help one feel more open to receiving and sharing Love, compassion and kindness.


Balances physical heart trauma and imbalances. Can help the heart makeshift from stress-based physiology to the higher frequencies of Love-based physiology. Ideal for premature babies and young children with heart weakness.

Product Dimension

Face Roller: 145 x 46 mm

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