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Paulo Santo Sacred Wood Large Smudge Stick

500 ฿

Healing Properties 

  • Palo Santo - Like smudging with sage, smudging with Palo Santo is all about covering the space in which you need a boost of purified energy and want to attract all the good stuff with intention.

Why do you need it? 
All crystals need energetic hygiene care. Crystals can absorb negative energy from their surroundings, and it is possible that you can absorb that into your system (Transference) when you use them without clearing them. It is important to cleanse your crystals from negative energic debris before wearing/meditating/programming them. It is the same as how you would want to use clean utensils to eat rather than a dirty ones for your own health benefit.

+ Clears and cleanses negative energy from people, space, and objects.
+ Purifies, protects, and elevates space
+ Decreases the level of aerial bacteria by 94% with its antimicrobial properties and preserves the effects for 24 hours
+ Organic and safe insect repellant
+ Clears the air by neutralizing positive ions (allergens such as pollution, dust, mold, etc.)
+ Natural aroma works as a chemical-free air freshener or odor controller.
+ Promotes relaxation for the body and mind
+ Improves the quality of sleep, especially insomnia


  • Light the smudge stick with a lighter. 
  • Allow the smoke to gently touch you, your crystals, your space, or your objects for a few minutes until you intuitively feel it's cleansed to remove any negative energy. 
  • Remember to open your windows to allow the smoke to leave your space. 
  • Put out the smudge stick with a small amount of water when finish.

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