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Past Life Regression

Price:                          2,500 THB / Session
Additional Time:        500 THB / 30 Minutes
Session Time:             60 Min.

A very special type of interactive hypnotherapy where you will be regressed back into your past life or incarnation to gain knowledge and insights that will help you find answers, conclusions, and healing to your current life challenges.

How to book a session? 

  1. Click Book Now and fill in the details. 
  2. Your booking will be re-confirmed via phone call. 
  3. A full deposit is required to confirm your booking. Additional time charges will be collected after the session. Cancellations will not be refunded. 
  4. All sessions must be booked in advance.
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Nuttapon K., Co-founder of Appman Co., Ltd., Bangkok

I had a couple of Past Life Regression sessions and Interactive Hypnotherapy sessions with Sally over the years of my low. Every angle of my life is crashing down on me, works, relationships, friends. Maybe I think I love yourself enough, but when the world is turning against me in every aspect. I start blaming myself for whatever that happened to me. Then I realized that it is not easy to love yourself. But with Sally's sessions, I be able to figure the deepest roots of my problem and she come up with a workshop and strategy to overcome it. Now, I overcome all my obstacles and make peace with the past events even when it occurred again. With a strong grip sense of self-love, you can take on the same bullet that punching the same wound. ...

Baseem N. - Social Media Marketing, Bangkok

I had an eye opening Past Life Regression session with Sally, made me realize many of the underlying subconscious issues I had and where they might be coming from, she also gave some tools that should help me deal with them by myself without needing to rely on external factors. Highly recommend this experience if you’d like to reach to the next level of inner awareness. ...

Natalia I., International Model & Actress, Bangkok

Absolutely incredible experience with Sally at my first session ever. I was truly relax, able to build fast connection with her, trust her to lead me into the deep journey of past life's memories. For a week after, I still can feel the “unpacking process”, which leads me to deeper understanding of my patterns and habits. I can recall my dreams and remember the important details since after the session. And in general, state of mind in hypnosis was very pleasant and caring. And if you’re reading this now, it’s definitely for a reason. ...

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a rare type interactive hypnosis technique where the client is being guided to memories of their past lives or incarnations. The client and therapist will be talking to each other during the session. PLR can help clients to discover their own past life to create new perspective, healing, and transformations to the root causes of physical symptoms, emotional issues including phobias and compulsions and patterns that are affecting them in their current life. 

Some clients feel that PLR helps them connect with their soul — to get answers about relationships, career aspirations, fears, desires, and even life purpose.

Trance is a natural state of mind which one experiences on a daily basis. This happens naturally before/after sleep and even during the day when one is engrossed in a novel, a movie, driving or even daydreaming. When one is in trance, one will feel detached from one's physical surroundings.
Since hypnosis is a natural state of mind, clients are often surprised that they are completely aware and can hear/remember everything while in trance. Everyone feels hypnosis differently, depending on how deep their state is. Some may feel very relaxed as if they are lightly floating, while some may feel as if they are sinking into the chair.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. This means that the client goes into the 'Trance State' with their own free will and has complete control of themselves. The client will have full awareness of everything while in trance and can choose to open their eyes anytime they want. 

The client will not do anything or act in any way, that is contrary to what he/she would do in full conscious awareness. It is very different from stage hypnosis, where the hypnotist embeds in the subconscious a command that causes people to act differently and not to remember what they did.

The session time can vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, including consultation time. Some clients may need more than 1 session to see the results, depending on each person's case.
You can do Past Life Regression as often as you like. Some clients like to take time to process their massive insights and change their perspective. Others may prefer to do multiple sessions to help intensify their understanding and continue the healing process. It will always be your choice, and you may feel that one session is all you need.

Everyone has lived many different lives and made very different choices. In each reincarnation, there may be a few familiar souls (ones you like and also not like) that show up a lot but play different roles each time. For example, your mother in this life might have been your beloved son in one of your past lives. Your husband in this life might have been your worst enemy in one of your past lives. Their souls are all learning with you through each reincarnation. Thus, whether you've been a good or bad person in a past life, there is an important reason why you are shown that information and experiencing can help with your soul's healing (be it your past, present or future). Life is about balance. We are both good and bad. It will take time to figure out where we need to be in each life to learn the lesson we were meant to learn. 

On a rare occasion, a client might visit a past life where they are not human and not on earth. It is normal and can be fun. Sometimes when visiting a past life that’s affecting you today might take you to visit a parallel life where you live in another body, country, or universe. By healing that parallel life, you are also healing your current life since healing transcends time. 

You do not have to believe in concepts such as reincarnation at all to feel this effect. To go further and think you may actually be living more than one life at a time may open up in you a whole new fascinating understanding of the world.

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