Heart Apotheca

Kyanite, Blue

400 ฿

Metaphysical Properties:


Hardness:   6 (Mohs Scale)   
Element:     Storm   

Inner bridges, psychic ability, connecting with nature, past-life recall, telepathy, empathy. A high vibrational stone that creates rapid transfer of energy. 

Stimulates the third eye and psychic abilities. It bridges blockages in the energetic and physical bodies and helps protect the auric fields from intrusion. Can facilitate telepathy and transfer of energy from person to person.

Can aid in creating new pathways for energy to flow through in individuals with habitual emotional patterns that create energy field blockages. Aids one to speak one’s truth with clarity.

Can bridge energy gaps caused by bone breaks, surgery, and intrusive trauma. Assists nerves and tissues to re-establish pathways through and around the trauma site. Ideal for healing the brain from the effects of head trauma, strokes, and seizures.

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