Heart Apotheca

Fluorite, Raw

650 ฿
Metaphysical Properties:

Chakra:       All    

Hardness:   4 (Mohs Scale)   
Element:     Wind   

Mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision-making, clearing the energy fields.

Brings structure and center to disconnected or disruptive energies. Helps one become more receptive to higher guidance during meditation resulting in incredible insight/visions. Assists in strengthening one's’ ability to receive psychic information.

Can remedy confusion, indecisiveness, instability, dishonesty, and disorders emerging from incoherent thought patterns. Helps to overcome the fear of the future, and in processing one’s feelings during overwhelming emotional experiences.

Assists in balancing brain chemistry, improve learning, and memorization, stimulating the brain. Can assist in dealing with dizziness/vertigo and helps restore physical balance. Strengthens bones and teeth.

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