Heart Apotheca

Crystal Reiki Therapy

Price:                          2,800 THB / Session
Additional Time:        500 THB / 30 Minutes
Session Time:             60 Min.

Incorporating healing crystals from Mother Earth with Universal Reiki Energy to help balance your chakras, and remove blockages/negative energies in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This is an interactive session where you will be guided to do your own self-healing.

How to book a session? 

  1. Click Book Now and fill in the details. 
  2. Your booking will be re-confirmed via phone call. 
  3. A full deposit is required to confirm your booking. Additional time charges will be collected after the session. Cancellations will not be refunded. 
  4. All sessions must be booked in advance.
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Pathumlat S. - Managing Director of Miraclelao Group & Director of Grand Interfood Group, Laos

I've heard of stone healing therapies but never thought of trying this out until I had the chance to meet Sally. I wanted to try it out in hopes to heal my sprained ankle. During the session, I felt all my stress released, especially mental stress. When the session was finished, the pain in my ankle was gone and I don't need the wheelchair anymore. The benefits that I've received is so much more than what I've paid for. ... This isn't just a relaxing experience, but it has unlocked me to realize what is good and not good for me in my life. I would recommend everyone to try it out. You’ll never regret it.

Kirat K. - Special Education Teacher for Children, Thailand

RELAXATION, INNER PEACE, RELEASE OF BLOCKED FEELINGS - Sally had this unique way of making me feel comfortable, which allowed me to open up and share my feelings. Going into it, I had no expectations but to feel relaxed and free from the outside world. In turn, It took one session to help me realize the pain I still had stored in me which she helped flush out the emotions that were bottled up inside. Sally is very intuitive and also passed through messages from a loved one that had passed, that brought a lot of joy to me and made me feel connected to the one that I lost. Sally truly listened and together we worked out my process of healing, not only through emotional pain but also to unblock some conditioned thoughts held from childhood. The very next day I woke up feeling lighter, more confident and had a better flow of energy in me. ...

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