Heart Apotheca

Blue Lace Agate

450 ฿
Metaphysical Properties:


Hardness:    7 (Mohs Scale)
Element:      Water   

Communication, clarity, and confidence

Helps one to understand the power of one’s words because it creates one’s reality and reflects on our highest self. Facilitates communication with spirit guides during meditation, especially when one seeks information and advice. Can help one understand the importance of speaking one’s personal truth, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Can be applied to the third eye to calm an overactive mind.

Calming and centering. Soothes nervousness (even for children), helps one realize negative speech patterns and habits and to begin to transform inner dialogue to be more positive and uplifting. Encourages shy ones to speak from the heart, and helps overly verbal ones to speak what really needs to be said.


Helps soothe the throat area (and infections/inflammations within the area), balances thymus and thyroid glands, and calms hyperactivity. Good for children who have difficulties sleeping or communicating.

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