Heart Apotheca


350 ฿

Metaphysical Properties:

Chakra:       Heart, Throat
Hardness:   6 (Mohs scale)
Element:      Water

Truth, communication, harmony

Assists one in finding, seeing and speaking one’s truth and higher knowledge. Helps in the development of discernment of energetic boundaries.  

Helps one to establish healthy boundaries for oneself and the external world. Encourages one to move beyond the fear and judgment so that one can freely live and speak one’s truth from the highest of good. A helpful stone for self-knowledge and determining one’s core values and beliefs. Assists one to be open and honest with oneself and to express one’s feelings and needs.

Helps with cell regeneration, gout, arthritis, hair loss prevention, brittle hair and nail repair, thyroid, and adrenals (especially when caused by stress or emotional repression). 

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