What is Interactive Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness, which brings clients to the state of trance. Some may like to call it "guided meditation" with the intent to achieve a specific result. 

Interactive Hypnotherapy is a rare form of communication to the subconscious mind for self-improvement and/or the release of problems. During hypnosis, the client will be in a highly suggestible state. The client will be able to access the subconscious mind to release suppressed emotions/memories/negative thought patterns that are creating problems in his/her life and reprogram their own subconscious mind in a way that can create positive changes. It is an interactive session, meaning that the client and therapist will be talking to each other. 

The results are long-lasting and permanent as they are made by the client's free will and strong intentions to desire positive change. of the person being hypnotized. The hypnotherapist only facilitates the process while the client is being guided to his/her own resources state to find conclusions to his/her own challenge. Going into hypnosis relies on the client's interest and willingness to be guided into this different state of consciousness.

What is trance?

Trance is a natural state of mind which one experiences on a daily basis. This happens naturally before/after sleep and even during the day when one is engrossed in a novel, a movie, driving or even daydreaming. When one is in trance, one will feel detached from one's physical surroundings.

How does Hypnosis feel?

Since hypnosis is a natural state of mind,  clients are often surprised that they are completely aware and can hear/remember everything while in trance. Everyone feels hypnosis differently, depending on how deep their state is. Some may feel very relaxed as if they are lightly floating, while some may feel as if they are sinking into the chair.

Does a hypnotized person give up control?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. This means that the client goes into the 'Trance State' with their own free will and has complete control of themselves. The client will have full awareness of everything while in trance and can choose to open their eyes anytime they want. 

The client will not do anything or act in any way, that is contrary to what he/she would do in full conscious awareness. It is very different from stage hypnosis, where the hypnotist embeds in the subconscious a command that causes people to act differently and not to remember what they did.

What are some challenges that can be worked on using Interactive Hypnotherapy?

  • Stress Management

  • Letting go of fears and limiting beliefs

  • Self Esteem

  • Positive Thinking

  • Quit Smoking

  • Improve Relationships Inner Child

  • Overcome Fears/phobias

  • Past Life Regression*

What is Past Life Regression (PLR)?

It is a hypnosis technique where the client is being guided to memories of their past lives or incarnations. This can help clients to discover their own past life to create healing and transformations to the root causes of physical symptoms and emotional issues and patterns that are affecting them in their current life. 

Some clients feel that PLR helps them connect with their soul — to get answers about relationships, career aspirations, fears, desires, and even life purpose. 

How long is a session?

The session time can vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, including consultation time. Some clients may need more than 1 session to see the results, depending on each person's case.