What is an Intuitive Crystal Reading?

It is a form of guidance that gives clients the insights and clarity of their current situation. What are the aspects that are actually holding the client back from moving forward? The crystals selected by the client will reflect the client's "inner world" (attitude, belief, and thoughts) and "outer world" (external world influences), which gives a clearer macro-level view of the client's life. This gives the client the opportunity to explore their inner self from a new perspective, lighting up paths of endless possibilities. Once the client's awareness will shift once knowing that they do have many potential paths to explore and they can consciously take actions towards a more fulfilling life.

What can you expect the reading to be like?

Sally's passion is to EMPOWER clients. The intention of all her readings is to provide loving, positive, helpful and insightful information that her clients NEED MOST in order to move forward in their journey in the best possible way.

The crystals are used as tools to enhance comprehensive messages to the client, which covers all areas of the client's life.

How should you prepare yourself?

In order to receive full benefits from the reading, the client has to give permission with an open-mind and open-heart for Sally to connect to the client's Divine Beings from the Highest of Good.


The Divine Beings from the Highest of Good honors the Law of Free Will and the Law of Receiving. They need the permission of the person before coming in to help them. Also, what you are open to, is also what you will receive. Therefore, give yourself permission to be open to receive!

Can you record the reading?

Yes, please feel free to do so yourself. Some messages may not make sense in the current time but may make sense on a future time. Referring to your recording can be helpful.

Can you bring questions?

Yes, absolutely. 

It is not necessary for Sally to know about the background story of the client before the reading starts. She actually prefers to know NOTHING other than the client's name and contact information. 

Sally allows clients a few minutes to ask questions at the end of channeling her reading. Most of the time, clients' questions will be naturally answered in the reading.

How often can you get a reading?

Generally, 1-2 months. However, it really depends on whether or not if all the information that has been passed to the client has already unfolded in their life. The reason is that once clients have received helpful insights about their situation and know what they need to do, they need to exercise the power of their free will, which is to take purposeful ACTION in their life. 

Having too many readings within a short period of time will result in one of the two things: 

  1. Receiving the same repetitive messages that one already knew about.

  2. Losing focus and feeling held back because one is not trusting or taking responsibility for making the decisions in their life. 

Life is a beautiful journey of learning, growth, and discovery. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable to get out of one's comfort zone to lead a meaningful life. Nevertheless, one must have faith and trust that the Universe will take care of everything beautifully. 

How long is a reading?

It is around 60 minutes long.

You are not based in Bangkok. Does Sally do online readings?

Sally offers her reading services online via Messenger and SKYPE for clients who are not based in Bangkok. 

Please inform her of your location (city and country) and preferred date so she can check availability.