What is Crystal Reiki?

Reiki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy, is a form of energy healing that removes the core problem that caused the blockages in our chakras and eliminates negative energies in our aura. It promotes healing on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, resulting in feeling at peace, balanced, revitalized and realigned to our purpose in life. 

Crystals are natural minerals formed by Mother Earth. Every precious stone emits unique and subtle vibration due to their specific sub-atomic and geometric structure. Their vibrations resonate on different frequencies and can create changes to a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.  

When combining both Reiki energy with Crystal energy, the effects of the treatment are beautiful. Reiki energy provides a sense of relaxation, safety, support, and balance for the client to be open to receiving love and to do the "inner work". Crystals energy focuses on specific pain points or challenges that the client may be facing. These ranges from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease. The beauty of crystal's healing energy is that it also works on the person's conscious and subconscious energy. The client will have an awareness of what "inner work" that they need to do and, at the same time, not know of all the subtle changes that are happening to them in their subconscious background. 

Where is this "Universal Energy" from?

Since Reiki is essentially “Universal Energy”, it is powerful, compassionate and gentle for people and animals of all age and genders. Reiki energy is from the Source/Highest of Good/Creator of Light, which is located at the higher realms of Light. It’s high vibrational energy can also be described as Divine Love energy. 


A Reiki Therapist will connect to the Creator of Light and ask for Divine Beings from the Highest of Good to send Reiki healing to the Client. The Reiki energy will flow from above, down to the Therapist’s Crown Chakra, into the body, out of their hands and into the client’s body. Because Reiki is “Universal Life Force Energy”, it does not require the Therapist to use his/her own life force to do the treatment. It is unsustainable for the Therapist’s health and wellbeing in the long-run. 

What to expect during the session?

The therapist will run smoke of White Sage around the client to cleanse off negative energy in the aura. All metal/crystal accessories will be requested to be removed temporarily until the session is finished. 

The client will then be required to lay on a bed for the session to start. The therapist will ask for the client’s permission to receive the Crystal Reiki Treatment, if there is any recent surgery/injury on the body, and if there is any part of the client’s body that they do not feel comfortable being touched. The therapist will place healing crystals on/around the client's body. Afterward, the client can close their eyes and enjoy the flow of Reiki and the energy of the healing crystals.

At this stage, Reiki energy will be channeled/transferred through the therapist's hands to the client, starting from the face and down to the client’s feet. There is a total of 10 hand positions throughout the whole session. Some positions may require longer time should the client request or if therapist feels that more Reiki is needed at that particular area. 

During the treatment, the therapist may sometimes provide compassionate and empowering guidance to the client. This will solely depend on what topics surface throughout the Crystal Reiki Treatment.

The Crystal Reiki Treatment will end with the therapist removing the crystals from the client's body and grounding the client, which helps to ground the freshly received Reiki and crystal healing energy that is in the client’s physical body.

What will you experience?

Every client’s experience in a Crystal Reiki Treatment will be uniquely different from another, but the feelings are always positive. Some of the client’s feedback include ‘feeling lighter’, ‘feeling a sense of clarity’, relaxed, peaceful, calm, centered and rejuvenated. Some clients said that they can feel tingling/buzzing sensation or a hot/warm sensation of glowing radiance flowing down their whole body during the treatment. Some even fell asleep during the session (which is normal) because they feel that the energy is very soothing.

What are the benefits?

Energy from Reiki and Healing Crystals promotes the harmony and balance of your body, mind, and spirit. They help you to release stress, tensions and negative emotions (anxiety, anger, etc.) to create a space of deep relaxation. It also helps the body in cleansing itself from toxins and supports the immune system. Clears the mind and improves focus as you feel grounded and centered. Helps in better sleep, and accelerates the body’s self-healing ability. Helps relieve pain and supports physical body healing. Helps in spiritual growth and emotional cleansing.

How long is a Crystal Reiki Treatment?

Every Crystal Reiki Treatment's duration varies depending on the needs of the client's healing session. The time can vary from roughly 60 minutes - 90 minutes.