Polish + Glow Duo

910 ฿

A great pair for glowing skin and self-love energy boost.

+ AURORA PRIMING FACE OIL (30 ml)  is packed with youth-enhancing antioxidants and vitamins derived from camellia, sunflower and passionfruit oils. Her silk texture absorbs beautifully into the skin, leaving it well moisturized and wholly nourished with a wondrous glow. 


Each bottle of 'Aurora Priming Face Oil' has been charged with clear quartz crystal energy, which aids in the clearing, cleansing, and healing of one's energy. It helps to stimulate and open all chakras and energy pathways into the body, resulting in a more enlightened and expansive auric field. Clear quartz cleanses, promotes detoxification, clarity, and circulation in the skin. It also brings the body back into balance and neutralizes toxins.

+ PHOENIX CLEANSING POWDER (30 g) travel-size yet opulent exfoliating powder for a clean, radiant, and smooth complexion. A gentle but effective cocktail of finely ground flower petals, fruit powders and softening clays that work harmoniously together to create a non-abrasive exfoliant. 

Water-activated pineapple enzyme (bromelain) acts as an alpha hydroxy acid that removes dead skin cells and helps with fine lines, irregular pigmentation and age spots revealing clear, bright and youthful skin.


Each bottle of 'Phoenix Cleansing Powder' contains ground rose quartz powder that vibrates the energy of love and affirmation, like the goddess herself. In skincare, it also can help calm the complexion and stimulate blood circulation to bring more oxygen to the skin, clearing away toxins and impurities.


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