Spirituality: Lapis Lazuli

Receptive Hand: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli’s energy is like the endless sky with stratus clouds. It emits a great sense of freedom with poise. It has musculine energy and is all about honoring silence to find the answers from within. He says that we have all the answers within us, we just need to be honest and open to hearing it. Every step he takes is done silently, but with great power that ripples out into the endless sky. He is like a wise and powerful Heirophant. 

He explains that he is like a drum. When the drum mallet sleeps, he stays contently still. When drum mallet starts striking with its own energy, he will roar out louder than it, honoring that energy. 

Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies do not work singularily. It is when they all sing out loud together to create a unique harmony, which allows you to experience, learn and respond. 

Just like me, I contain blue, white and gold minerals. 
Just one mineral alone does not make me Lapis Lazuli.

Please help me understand what this feeling of  “Uncertainty” that I cannot let go of? 

Let’s break it down. 
The word “Un” is refusal. 
The word “Certainty” is knowing what will surely happen.
Together in 1 sentence is “You are refusing to accept what will surely happen.” 

Go deeper to find out what is hidden underneath that “Uncertainty” 

As I went deeper, I’ve discovered that the root of this “Uncertainty” was caused by a past-life trauma where I was mentally conditioned to believe that reaching out for anything good infront of me will result in physical pain. 

I was a wild child that was considered as a savage in that era. It was normal for wild children to be captured and trained like an animal for entertainment. The trainer would chain me, starve me, and whip me to break my spirit. Whenever I see food and reach for it, he would strike me to be obedient. Eventually, I gave up wanting food or anything that gave me hope for survival. I just cowered at the corner of the cage and await for my death. In that life, I gave up on believing in blessings of life and died pitifully.

I’ve come to realize that human and animals are really not that different at all. Animals have feelings and thoughts like us. Using violence and fear to control others is very cruel and heartbreaking. It is very sad that people still do that today. No one or animal deserves to be treated in such a way.

Now I understand why I couldnt let go of “Uncertainty” even though I want abundance in this life. I realized that there was a program running in my subconcious mind, making me believe that the cost of recieving abundance will result in pain. 

After understanding that lesson, I sent golden orange light for blessings of abundance, hope and joy to that wild child. I reinvisioned her free in the wilderness, surrouded by lush greeneries and tummy filled with healthy food. She was happy and enjoying life’s blessings as very child should.

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