Spirituality: Healer's Gold + Selenite

This crystal combo was suggested to help accelerate physical healing, purification and connecting to Ascended Masters for guidance. 

Receptive Hand: Healer’s Gold
Dominant Hand: Selenite
Clears throat chakra blockage.

Set the intention to connect with an Ascended Master. One at a time. If too many, you will be confused and this leaves a gap for "something else" to come in...

Connected to Ascended Master Loo (Sun God).
He balanced all the elements in my body and reminded me to listen to my body's physical needs.

Connected to Ascended Master Jesus.
He had a class informing everyone that we are now speeding up the process of learning for all on Earth by lowering the Earth’s shield to expose more solar energy into Earth. This will cause people to have a stronger experience on Earth; thus, all dormant/hidden challenges will surface like a storm in individuals. People may have intense emotional (even physical) reactions, and it will take a lot more effort for us to respond from a heart-centered perspective.

This is needed because people are currently not paying attention to their intuition or body’s signs. They are forgetting their innate ability and is too caught up with the Earthly desires. This makes the soul’s learning process slow, and we need to speed things up. It is like raising the bar standards of a school for students to achieve higher results. There are many stars/planets being born and can accept students to learn experiences there. Our school is becoming too crowded as well.

This decision has been informed for a while already, so it is not new news. We have just implemented recently.

What should we do from now?

Do things to be happy. Listen to your intuition and your body. Stay true to yourself. Maintain and build your energy. Keep your vibration high.

This will help you see beyond the “trap patterns/challenges” that stem from greed, jealousy, lacking and fear.

Connected to Ascended Master Mary
I sense beautiful red roses floating in the air. It was Ascended Master Mary's gentle, pure and motherly energy.

Just up ahead was her cozy and humble cottage. This place felt safe and warm with an air of childlike nostalgia. There were many happy children playing in front of her home. I approached her for divine guidance, and she replied, “You’ve received 3 already today. Don’t you think it is too much? Why not just relax here and enjoy yourself?”

Immediately, I understood this was the time and place for me to reconnect with my Inner Child. I could sense my Inner Child dashing out from me to come out and play! We took turns healing each other's sore throat, and it was from this experience that we learned to trust, depend and help each other. Interestingly, it made my Inner Child feel more confident and mature.

There was a very precious moment that reminded me of what love felt like. The moment when my Inner Child tenderly embraced another child and showered that child with innocent kisses. My eyes welled up with tears. I felt that pure and innocent love these two children share... And strangely, I felt like a mother witnessing this scene!

It's been so long since I could feel that amazing feeling of pure love. I thanked Ascended Master Mary for such a beautiful and blessed experience.

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