Spirituality: Aquamarine

Receptive Hand: Aquamarine

The energy of Aquamarine is like the frosty and refreshing air of the Arctic Seas. The adjectives that come into mind are crisp and sharp, the detachment of Ego, an observer of emotional energy, strength in the gentleness of silence, and facilitator of pure emotional energy into the gateway of the Heart Chakra so that it can be released from the Throat Chakra. Its element is water. 

What is your purpose? 

I was shown icebergs on the Arctic Sea. The icebergs represent the spiritual state of those who do not honor or express their Truths, feeling frozen and unable to move.

I was later shown an image of an iceberg, top half above the water surface, representing the consciousness, and the bottom half below the water surface representing the subconsciousness. A gateway is on the top half of the iceberg, symbolizing the Heart Chakra. 

Aquamarine's purpose is to calm and detach the Ego that is standing by the gateway of the Heart Chakra from 'contaminating' the experienced emotion with fear. The Ego's purpose is to challenge you with illusions of fear, which changes the vibration of the experienced emotion, making it not as clear or clean for your Heart Chakra to process. This creates a form of emotion resistance, the battle of the Ego vs Truth. 

Aquamarine acts as a facilitator for the person to receive, process and acknowledge that experienced emotion in a clean and detached manner so that it can enter the Heart Chakra purely. You can compare Aquamarine to traffic police whose job is to facilitate the safe and expeditious flow of traffic with VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE from the driver/pedestrian, in other words, you. 

It explains that when your heart is open to accepting and acknowledging your Truths and emotions, it increases your level of awareness. This, in turns, allows you to have faster/easier access to all the resources that you need from our subconscious mind in order to manifest a happy and healthier life! Metaphorically speaking, the iceberg representing your spiritual state, will melt and be able to flow harmoniously with the sea of consciousness again. 

How are you different from Amazonite? 

I act as a gateway keeper, facilitating the movement of pure emotions to enter Heart Chakra with ease so that it can be honored, expressed and manifested into the external world. With your permission and intention, I help keep your Ego at bay. 

The Amazonite, on the other hand, amplifies the Power of Truth. It helps you to realize how powerful you are when you honor your Truth. This encourages you to believe in yourself and to shine from ever so brightly from within. 

Thank you for your guidance.

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