Spirituality: Amazonite

The energy of Amazonite is like a Warrior of Truth. Its purpose is to help you realize the Power of Truth and to encourage you to be in alignment with your Truth. 

Powerful, swift, and decisive like an Amazon Warrior, Amazonite’s purpose is to help you understand, accept, and be in alignment with your Truth. Amazonite’s energy feels like a gust of wind tinged with the scent of spearmint. Refreshing, cleansing, and drawing from both water and wind elements, Amazonite cleanses away false illusions to reveal what is true in the heart, encouraging you to speak and act out your truth. 

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The wind element aspect of Amazonite is about receiving truth and guidance from your Higher Self, the purest, powerful and loving version of yourself. It comes swiftly like the wind from all directions, and it is completely up to you to decide if you want to honor them. 

The water element aspect of Amazonite is all about processing that truth or guidance in your Heart Chakra, and then manifesting that truth with your voice by means of your Throat Chakra. 



Teachings from Amazonite 

Let's see this as energy. You receive the Truth from your Higher Self and you can sense that energy (emotion/feeling) in your Heart Chakra. This is the place where you can make a choice to honor that emotion and welcome that experience as an observer. The fact that you have set the intention to sit with that emotion and explore it as an observer helps nurture that positive energy. And with that, the energy of Truth is amplified at its peak and is being manifested into this world (as sound/words) via your Throat Chakra.

Notice all the physical effort, energy, and process that your whole body has to go through in order to express (manifest) your Truth out into the world! The neurons in your brain fire out signals to your lungs to get air, to your vocal cords to produce sound, to your facial muscles to move with expression, and to your mind to organize all the vocabulary into sentences for you to speak from your heart.

The moment you speak your Truth, your voice carries all that energy and vibrates it out into the external world. Whoever or whatever that received that message from you will be affected. They will feel something and receive Truth from their Higher Self, make a decision on how they want to respond. And the whole process repeats and ripples throughout the world, never-ending. This is one aspect of how we give opportunities for each other to practice our integrity. Now, do you realize how powerful and sacred your voice is? 

What happens if you don't speak your Truth?

It would be suffocating and exhausting! When the energy of Truth arrives in your Heart Chakra and you battle it against your Ego, you will feel uncomfortable. Some may describe it as a heavy-heart, third-eye feeling blocked, feeling unhappy, etc. During the process of "emotional battling", the Ego will present you with excuses (insecurities) to make you fearful of voicing your Truth. Examples of these insecurities could range from ‘losing money’ to ‘how he/she/they will judge me’. Here is where you can make a choice of either allowing the Ego to illude you with your fears or allowing the Truth to empower you.

Truth's purpose is to be manifested out into this world via your body. The Ego's purpose, on the other hand, is to test your willpower. Both Truth and Ego are manifested from your own energy/chi/life force. When they fight fiercely against each other, they are using your valuable energy. Consider the amount of energy wasted on this long mental battle, and how your physical body is suffering from it. Your heart could have had peace and use all that valuable energy to physically manifest a happy and healthy life. 

How does it affect your energetic body and physical body? 

When your energy level is low due to chakra blockage - essentially, you are allocating a large portion of your energy towards "emotional battling" -  your auric field naturally becomes weaker. While in a negative state of mind, you are also attracting the same kind of negative frequency from the Universe to you. This, in turn, weakens your body's immune system, allowing bacteria and viruses to infect your body easily. After a long duration of this repetitive cycle, you will fall sick.

Your body is forcing you to stop, recuperate, reflect, and focus on yourself because you are not listening to your intuition and your heart. The bodily symptoms are like clues for you to dig deeper to find out the root cause or the "emotion" behind your illness. Some may choose to tune into themselves, while some may choose to continue their "emotional battle" for many years down their lives. The worst-case scenario would be the physical body manifesting cancer due to long periods of unresolved resentment, regret, and anger (negative energies). It's just too toxic for the body to handle. 

What can we do? 

You are here on earth to experience and enjoy life. The physical body exists not only as a vessel for your spirit to reside in, but it is also a manifesting tool. The Ego exists with you inside your physical vessel as a catalyst of change, to challenge and develop your spirit for further advancement. In a way, it is like tough love.

When you do not love and honor your body, it will become weak. Your energetic state can be reflected through your physical state. You might even find your mind constantly "monkey-chattering", wandering to places, and feeling ungrounded. It feels almost as if you cannot fully be in the present moment. This is one of the signs that your vibration is low, making your spirit feel very uncomfortable in its physical vessel. To better illustrate that idea, ask yourself if you would stay a big home that is filled with love and joy, or in a tiny cage that is filled with anger and fear.

So how can you cultivate a loving and joyful home for your spirit? One of the easiest ways is to be mindful of your feelings and your body’s physical signs. Pay attention to your breathing, feel how your lungs expand and relaxes, and sense how your muscles stretch. When you are in tune with your body and have that mindfulness, you will naturally have more focus and mental clarity to hear the Truth from your Higher Self. 

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