Spirituality: Blue Lace Agate + Smokey Quartz

For those of you who have the endless "monkey-mind" chattering, this is for you! This crystal combination brought my mind to a state of calmness. 
Receptive Hand: Blue Lace Agate
Dominant Hand: Smokey Quartz

My intention was to go beyond and rise above my storm of “things-to-MUST-do” thoughts. This storm really exhausted me physically and mentally for a week's time. 

I am between the Earthly storm and the Heavenly clouds. Ahead was the horizon of clouds with the glowing sun illuminating the world. Here is absolute silence and stillness, and I took the time to make this moment mine.

It didn't take long for me to want to continue my journey upwards for I came here with a mission. I floated further up into the sky, past the clouds, into the stars and I'm floating just above Earth.

Once there, I asked to be connected to an Ascended Master to give me guidance from the highest of good. Gently, an image of a beautiful Indian Goddess appeared. She was calming resting on a lotus blossom and dressed in bright vibrant hues of pink, blue and green. I could sense that she was all about feminity, fertility, celebration, and peace. Her name was Parvati.

Ascended Master Parvati’s message:
See this lotus, how its petals open when the sun rises and closes when the moon rises? That is what you need to learn.

You are like a lotus blossom. The timing of when to give and when to receive with the external world is just as important as the timing to pause and recuperate yourself. And that is the secret to a lotus's blossoming beauty and radiance.

Once upon a time, this sacred flower was just but a bud underneath the muddy deep waters. Everything was denser for that small bud because of where it was at. It took time to nurture, grow and rise above the surface of the water, entering a completely new environment, which is lighter and freer.

You are like that flowering bud as you slowly gain awareness and awaken. Transitioning into a new environment, a new phase in life or energy frequency takes time and may feel uncomfortable. It is part of the process.

What can I do to make the transition smoother?
Pay attention to your lotus roots and petals (physical body) for they tell you the state of your spirit. Your body connects you to the Earth and the Heavens. It is only right that you take care of it and balance both energies from above and below. Never think that one is better than the other. As you continue your growth, find ways to expand your energy level so you can hold more space more as well.

Thank you for your guidance.
And I came back to the present moment. 

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