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Citrine’s energy is very uplifting and exciting. It’s almost as if you are being catapulted into the sky and surrounded by golden fireworks of celebration and endless possibilities! 

I set fire to the rain! Burning away all your worries and doubts, letting all that hinders you fall away with ease.

My purpose is to uplift you to the vibration of excitement, joy, creativity, confidence, and abundance. It is important for you to be in this positive frequency so that you can manifest your dreams into reality. 

There are endless possibilities of abundance surrounding you here. It is essential that you have a goal or a sense of direction of where you want to head towards; otherwise, you will only be aimlessly floating around, not making progress. When you know exactly what you desire, you are sending out signals to the Universe to bring forth all the resources towards you to help you manifest your dreams.

Manifesting is very easy! Imagine that what you desire is already happening now and experience it with all of your five senses. Feel it, absorb it, and enjoy it. Fully open your heart in receiving this blessing and believe that you absolutely deserved it. The power of your belief and thoughts will attract all the energy and the right resources to create situations, opportunities, and synchronicities for you to physically make things happen.


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