Pick A Crystal: Honey Calcite | Moonstone | Amethyst

Hi there! Welcome to Heart Apotheca's Crystal Readings by Sally.

My intention is to channel and share messages from The Highest of Good to you. Whatever that has guided you here (most likely because you've been asking for help and guidance from The Highest of Good), I hope the crystal's message will prove to be beneficial for you.

This message can be applied to any point in your timeline, as long as you've asked for help and you are guided here, chances are this message is meant for you as you are reading it. 

Here’s the full reading for the crystals:


  • This is a time of change and transition. 
  • Release all the fire and anger, and frustration out of your body; and make space for the fire of creativity to come forth. It is time to let go of all that no longer serves you or is no longer your truth. Once that is released, a new fire of creativity shall come forth to bring new life into your reality. 
  • It’s time to plant the seeds of truth in terms of your value, your service, your life and your reality. Cultivate those seeds with your time, effort, and your own self-care, and commitment. All that you’ve planted shall blossom into a field of golden wheat. 
  • All that you hold dear to you is true. It’s the foundation of what you’ll be building on in the next chapter of your life. Create your own reality. Create a lifestyle that you desire. 
  • Be steadfast, be courageous. All that you’ve built, all the love and care you’ve put into yourself will cultivate and strengthen the foundation of your self-worth. This will also support the foundation for all areas of your life as you are moving forward to the next chapter of your life. 


  • Dearly beloved, those who have a circle of sisterhood; it is time for you to focus on your own self-care because you have constantly placed others before you, and your own care is crucially needed at this point. It is time to tend to yourself. 
  • Re-energize yourself. This moment of solitude is important to you, for your own growth and wellbeing. YOUR well-being is the most crucial above all. When you are fully revitalized, that is when you can support your sisters. Your own self-care is as equally important as caring for others. 
  • On nights when the moon wanes or is not present in the night sky, it is the time for your own solitude, peace, inner-reflection and shadow work. It’s time to come to terms with yourself. Hold space for yourself, talk to the shadow aspect within you and to come to an understanding of what is holding you back. Hold space for compassion and love for yourself so that you can fully embrace and heal from within. 
  • On nights when the moon is full again, may you and your sisterhood come together and celebrate to life again. 


  • It is a time of mental cleansing. I feel there are a lot of busy thoughts in your head. All the business in your head, the stress, the worries, the frustrations are what's weighing you down... It’s so heavy.
  • The act of busy thinking is like a survival mode. It is a learned behavior that can be undone! It is a behavior that was learned from your role models, family members, those who struggle, or those who are striving to prove their own self-worth. 
  • You are already worthy. Trust that you are. Know that you are. 
  • Let go of that old pattern of behavior, so that you can find peace within yourself again. The need to control, the expectations, and the way how things should be. All of these limitations are translated into stress for your mental body and eventually translated into your physical body, causing physical dis-ease.
  • It is time to pause and take a break. It’s okay to take a break and tend to yourself first. You have plenty of help available. Just know that you can ask, and when you ask, you shall receive. You’re not alone, support is always available around you. 
  • All the physical dis-ease that you feel now is caused by the mental activity and mental stress that is going on right now in your head. After you have made a firm and conscious decision prioritize wellbeing first, your physical dis-ease will slowly fade away. 

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