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My spiritual teacher once told me that the Universe is like a mirror. It reflects your ‘inner self’ through your surroundings (friends, lifestyle, career, etc.). Your state of mind plays a vital role in what the Universe mirrors or brings into your life. This is because the mind sends out vibrations that attract situations, opportunities, and people that are vibrating on the same frequency. 

The Universe is so resourceful that it is sure to provide something for people of all different vibrations, from extremely high to extremely low. The options are limitless and the choice is yours. You need to decide - what do you want vibrating back into your life? 

I learned this lesson the hard way. From the start of January 2019, I was continuously sick. I was bedridden for a week by influenza, hospitalized by food poisoning, and then when I thought it was over I suffered from heatstroke.  Never in my life was I able to get ill this frequently in such a short span of time! It was getting silly. You could say the air quality in Bangkok was in its worst condition, so my immune system was weaker, but my gut feeling told me to pause and reflect. Three back to back illnesses is no coincidence. 

I reflected back to the start of January 2019…
I could feel a wave of remorse and resentment welling out through my tears. 

My intuition had waved so many red flags at me as I plowed through project after project. I ignored the flags, justifying that I had to get things done and pushed myself harder. Even my loved ones were telling me I was overdoing things and not managing my energy properly, but I told myself I had to hustle.

...Until finally, I fell ill because I was not honoring anything the Universe was sending me as a warning. Three good kicks up my stubborn butt taught me this lesson. 

It dawned on me that I was sliding back to an old negative habit, this urge to work to the bones and overcompensate to “earn my value” stemmed from a lack of abundance and stability experienced by three generations down my family tree. I wanted to feel belonged and accepted by my community and what I’ve internalized as a cultural norm. But in the process, I made myself ill because I wasn’t listening to the warnings lovingly sent by the Universe to slow down and take care of myself.  

My health was terrible, my morale/creativity/happiness level was stifled, and my connection to the Source was nonexistent. I couldn't even recall the feeling of heartfelt genuine love in my meditations! My soul's compass was not working, all because of an unhealthy expectation. 

It was time to let go. 

I am still in a period of cleansing and recovery... I realize that there are so many different layers and shades of understanding to a person's experience. It took me 3 physical dis-eases to understand my lesson, the roots of the habit, and to convince me enough to let go of that. Not proud of it... Sometimes I am just too slow or stubborn to acknowledge the truth. This round, Spirit made sure that I get the message through tough love.

So now that I have the awareness, I will start to take action. I have so many tools that can help me get back to where I was once really happy with myself. I would like to work with a crystal. 

Malachite - the crystal that intuitively came into mind. 


Heart Apotheca - Malachite Healing Crystal - Spiritual Blog

This is where Malachite comes in. Oh, the famous “band-aid rip” that my Crystal Reiki Teacher taught about. 

Malachite brings to surface what you try to conceal from yourself, whether you like it or not. Prior to this incident, I didn’t have the courage to build a relationship with this crystal. But now, I was ready for whatever the crystal had in store for me. It was the best time to connect with Malachite. 

What did I do? 

I laid down and held Malachite on my receptive hand, feeling its energy connecting and flowing through my arms and into my Heart Chakra. Anger and resentment of certain memories came up and I breathed it out. I acknowledge my emotions and take the lessons from that. I felt like I needed to fill up my energy tank so I did Reiki healing on myself. The feeling was very warm, relaxing and light. So relaxing and light that I could hear myself snore.

Yes, I fell asleep... and, yes, it's normal when you give yourself Reiki healing and fell asleep in the middle of it.

How was it?

My experience with Malachite's 'band-aid rip' was so different from what I've imagined. It was love that is just bluntly honest, direct, to-the-point and factory-level cleansing. That would be the best way I can explain it. 

Physical Support - It is extremely potent for accelerating the healing process. In my case, my symptoms include fever, body pains, joint pains, sore throat, and running rose. I could feel a massive shift in the state of my respiratory system. As I was breathing out, I felt like I was pushing out all the bacteria and mucus that was building in my lungs and my throat.

Emotional Support - Malachite's energy help pushes out all anger/resentment/blockages in the Heart Chakra. It instantly surfaces the emotions that I've ‘swallowed down’, allowing me to acknowledge my true feelings and receive lessons on how to manage it better in the future. 

In the span of 30 minutes (before I accidentally fell asleep), I can feel my Heart Chakra opening and both of my arms start to feel sore. For me, the sore arms are signs of stored negative energy is being forced out of my system. I can feel energy/chi/tingling sensation circulating very well around my chest area and my arms. 

The next day, I woke up with very sore arms and upper body, but my heart feels like it can breathe again. My connection with Spirit was back and I felt more balanced. I have to be more mindful of my thought-forms.

If you would like to do self-healing work with Malachite, I would recommend crystal beginners to start off with meditating with it. Falling asleep with a Malachite on you or under your pillow is recommended for more advanced crystal healing users. Malachite is a very potent and powerful crystal with strong effects, as previously mentioned on how my body felt sore the next day. Remember to cleanse and recharge your crystals before and after use!

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